introducing an investing platform for the "do-it-yourselfers"

dough makes trading options simple

whether you’re new to investing or a veteran trader.

  • New to investing?

    Master trading fundamentals using dough’s interactive lessons to help you.

  • Ready to trade?

    Spot the trade that’s perfect for you using dough’s innovative visual trading platform.

Master Trading Fundamentals

The doughjo’s interactive video lessons teach you how to trade like a pro.

  • Get to know dough app.

  • Learn the basics

  • Understand your options

ipad learn screen

Study. Grow. Master.

dough has interactive video content that helps you start or continue your financial investment education for investors of every level.

Learning becomes fun when you can watch easy-to-digest content at your own pace. Inside dough, our doughjo houses a library of short and sweet video lessons to help you jumpstart your trading IQ. You’ll watch interactive videos and take short quizzes to both challenge your mind and earn certificates to prove your trading prowess. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced trader or somewhere inbetween, there’s something just for you inside the doughjo. What’s the best part? Between the doughjo and doughtv, we’ll be serving up fresh content for you to consume all the time.

Follow. Understand. Do.

dough is watching people just like you make logical investments, and being a part of a team of “doers”.

Most people learn a new skill - downhill skiing or ballroom dancing, for instance - by following along as someone who knows a little more demonstrates. dough’s “Follow” feature provides you with this same learning opportunity. It allows you to see all the trades being made by a hand-picked group of experts, celebrities and normal folks like yourself. And it clues you in to the market conditions and strategies that influenced their trading decisions. By watching, you can gain the confidence to start placing trades yourself.

Trade stocks & options

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned and (open a brokerage account to) unlock our easy to use visual trading interface.

  • Trade smarter

  • Be empowered

  • Track your progress

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Bold. Visual.

dough is looking at your money every day, making smart choices, and getting it to work as hard for you as you do for it.

It only takes a few minutes a day to get a better return on your moola than you ever could with an IRA, 401k or mutual fund. Along with POP, dough also makes it easy to track your “Return on Capital” or ROC. If POP is the chance your trade will make money, ROC lets you know how much money you’re likely to make. Just like POP, your ROC is shown each time you’re making a trade as well as on your overall portfolio and individual positions. By taking a look at these numbers, highlighted in the interface, each day and making adjustments based on strategies dough will teach you, you can easily earn a meaningful amount of money each month. And unlike an IRA, 401k or mutual fund, this money is available to you now just like money in the bank. So you can use it to pay off some bills, save up for a trip or maybe buy that latest iPad.

Not too shabby, right?


meet the traders

dough enables you to learn from real traders, in real-time. You can follow our featured traders to improve your strategy and gain new insights every day. You can even execute their trades with the click of a button. Meet the traders below and begin a truly personal trading experience.

  • Kristi
  • Woody
  • Katie
  • Mel
  • Jeff
  • Robyn
  • TP
  • Tom
  • Tom's Team

in the news and dough mobile app win Best in Biz Awards
The dough trading platform was named a Silver Winner in the Most Innovative Consumer Product of the Year category and the dough mobile app was selected as a Bronze Winner in the Most Innovative Consumer App of the Year category.

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Meet dough, Inc.'s CTO Linwood Ma!
dough, Inc.'s CTO Linwood Ma weighs in on what powers dough's technology and how the Chicago startup community works together in this Built In Chicago CTO profile.

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Kristi Ross spoke at Startup Grind in Chicago, powered by Google Entrepreneurs
Kristi Ross spoke about the journey of tastytrade and dough at Startup Grind in Chicago.

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dough Empowers Millennials to Trade Options Through the tastytrade Network and dough Platform
Financial Times interviewed co-CEO and President of dough, Inc. Kristi Ross regarding financial trends among millennials.

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dough, Inc. Introduces New Futures Programming
dough, Inc., announced today the addition of futures trading expert Pete Mulmat to its talent team. The new programming will air on tastytrade and cover strategies for trading futures.

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dough, Inc. Launches Groundbreaking Financial Programming
The fastest growing online financial network harnesses new talent to reach audience of Millennial investors underserved by traditional financial media with actress Rachel Fox.

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dough Wins a 2014 Chicago Innovation Award

Crain’s praised Ross as a “culture-changing CEO,” citing her efforts to entice millennials and women to the world of investing through the introduction of intuitive tools and engaging lessons in a do-it-yourself environment.

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dough, Inc. co-CEO and President Kristi Ross Added to Crain’s Tech 50

dough received Chicago’s foremost recognition of the most innovative new products or service brought to market or public service each year.

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dough, Inc. co-CEO and President, Kristi Ross, Wins ITA CityLIGHTS Award for Prominent Woman in Tech

Kristi Ross received the Prominent Woman in Tech Award at the ITA's 15th Annual CityLIGHTS Awards on September 18, 2014.

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dough, Inc. co-CEO and President, Kristi Ross, Wins Moxie Award for Woman in Tech

Kristi Ross was selected by a panel of prominent judges from the Chicago tech community, and community voters and honored for her leadership at tastytrade and dough, as well as her contributions to the Chicago tech community.

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Co-CEOs Kristi Ross and Tom Sosnoff Named Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst & Young

Kristi Ross and Tom Sosnoff were honored by Ernst & Young for their entrepreneurial contributions and achievements for leading tastytrade and dough to success.

read the article Launches and Redefines Online Investor Engagement

dough mixes entertaining and sophisticated financial media, real-time trade streams, and drag-and-drop simplicity to redefine the investment experience and create a new generation of high-participation investors.

dough is a disruptor in the trillion dollar financial industry, using mobile technology to rethink the investor experience.

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...With its highly visual, almost gamelike, interface, dough could be the sort of tool that brings in newly minted options traders...

...We found it to be a well-designed application that provides several unique tools...

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dough's big-name backers aim to woo millennials into options

After more than a decade building online trading and education businesses, Thinkorswim founder Tom Sosnoff wants to bring options trading to a younger generation, and he's teaming with Lightbank founders Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky to do it....

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