The path
is uncertain;
the destination
is clear.

A blog by dough.


We believe free and fair markets should be just that. Free and fair. We are a self directed brokerage firm which means we facilitate access to markets. We do not dictate them. The recent moves in a handful of stocks have created a pivotable moment in our industry.

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Blog: Option trading is now available.

It’s been more than a decade since my first option trade and I’ve never looked back. That’s because they can help get the most out of your money and manage risk of the unforeseen. We are living and trading in a time that requires both perhaps more than ever.

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CNBC: How retail investors are playing volatility, with Dough CEO Victor Jones

Dough CEO Victor Jones joins "Closing Bell" to discuss the state of the markets and how retail investors are dealing with volatility.

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Blog: A message from our CEO

Fear moves the market. And, right now, it occupies the entire market’s imagination. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 

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Blog: Dough Premium is here!

Dough premium allows traders to borrow funds and purchase stocks with buying power leveraged up to 2x their deposit amount. Premium accounts can also be permissioned to carry short stock positions.

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The Young Turks: Dough CEO Victor Jones and Cenk Uygur.

Dough CEO Victor Jones explains his investing app and the Greenwood Project.

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CNBC: Dough CEO on Schwab-Ameritrade: For us, it's business as usual

CNBC's "Closing Bell" team discusses the possibility of Charles Schwab acquiring TD Ameritrade and what it means for start-up brokers with Victor Jones, CEO of online brokerage firm Dough, and Stephanie Link of Nuveen.

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CNBC: CEO of trading company Dough on volatility and race to $0 commissions

Victor Jones, CEO of Dough, joins CNBC's "Closing Bell" to give his take on market volatility and to describe his commission-free, mobile trading company.

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Press Release: Newly Launched dough Positioned to Be the #1 Commission-Free Investing App

Launched by Trading Veterans, the Investing App Delivers Commission-Free Stock Trading, Zero Account Minimums and Lets Everyday Investors Buy Stocks, Take Profits and Access Investing Ideas

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Press Release: dough receives $20M in Funding From tastytrade.

Led by Victor Jones, Formerly TD Ameritrade’s Director of Trading and Operations, dough Will Offer Commission-Free Stock Trading, Zero Account Minimums, and Smart Ideas for Investors

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tastytrade: Victor Jones of dough

It's finally here! Victor Jones is in the studio to talk about the launch of dough, a new commission-free online broker!

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tastytrade: The more you dough! | Connect the Dots

In this week's episode of Connect the Dots, Vonetta sits down with Victor Jones the millennial CEO of Dough, a new fintech app. Hear his amazing story of how he went from eating cereal with no milk to CEO of a hot fintech.

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Blog: The dough manifesto.

We do it because 1 in 4 Americans have a side hustle… because understanding risk is an essential life skill… because we couldn’t care less about the companies people wear; we care about the companies people own… because this is all we’ve ever done and all we ever want to do… because sometimes, doing things differently is the only way to move us all forward.

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