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dough premium
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February 25th, 2020

dough premium, our suite of advanced services, is now available for eligible accounts with balances of $2k and higher.

Dough premium allows traders to borrow funds and purchase stocks with buying power leveraged up to 2x their deposit amount. Premium accounts can also be permissioned to carry short stock positions.

We’re currently offering our early adopter customers access to dough premium with low interest rates on borrowed funds and no subscription fee!

Want to see if you’re eligible for a premium dough experience? Simply open the dough app, go to settings, then click on ‘dough premium’ under the ‘Account’ heading. If you’re eligible and want to get started, make sure your dough balance is above $2k or click here to learn more.

The entire dough team appreciates your continued support and invaluable feedback throughout our journey. Stay hustlin’


CEO, dough 

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